Motor Insurance

The policy provides cover against accidental damage, & theft of the insured vehicle, bodily injury and third party property damage. They are classified into.

    • Under this class vehicles with the following use can be covered:-
    • Use for social domestic and pleasure purposes only (class I (a).
    • Use for social domestic and pleasure purposes and business (class I (b).
    • Use for social domestic and pleasure purposes and in connection with business (class II).
    • They are classified as Goods carrying vehicles, Hire cars and Passengers carrying vehicles:-
    • Under this class cycles which are in use for business purposes as well as those used for social domestic and pleasure purposes are covered.

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Fire Insurance

There are three main types of policies issued under this class of insurance.

  • Fire standard policy
  • This policy is issued mainly for business premises. It can be arranged on full value policy under declaration or non declaration basis and/or floating policy.

  • Floating policy:
  • More than one location is covered under one sum insured. E.g. a sum of TShs.3 million may be floated over five locations of godowns.

  • Declaration Policy:-
  • A Policy is issued for an estimated amount representing the maximum sum amount likely to be at risk during the year.75% of the annual premium at the appropriate rate is provisionally collected subject to adjustment at the end of the year.

    The insured is required to declare, monthly etc. the actual values undertaking during that period. In the event of the insured failing to make a declaration the sum insured is taken to be the declared value for that period.

    On the expiry of the policy the total amount declared is divided by the number of declarations made and the average amount is calculated and additional premium is charged or a refund of premium made whichever is greater or less than the deposit premium. The policy concerns insurance of stock and shall be subject to the condition of average.

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Gurantee Insurance

This group has Two (2 ) Types of bonds namely:-

  • Contract Bonds;
  • Tender Bond, Performance Bond, Advance Payment Bond

  • Customs Bonds;
  • CB 3, CB 6, CB 8, CB 11, CB 12 &RCTG (Regional Customs Transit Guarantee)

NB: Bond is not insurance.

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Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance is divided into two main groups.

  • The first group comprises of classes which provide material damage cover in respect of Machinery Breakdown, Boilers, Electronic Equipment, and Contractors All Risks and Erection All Risk Insurances. The insurance cover available extends from the construction of a plant or from the erection of a machinery up to the continuous use of plant or machinery.
  • The second group is made up of classes which covers the economic loss. Such classes are Deterioration of Stock and Machinery Loss of Profits insurance. Bonds are classified under this group. The Perils, which prevail during the different periods, determine the extent of cover provided by the different policies

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Marine Insurance

This insurance covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals, and any transport or cargo by which property is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and final destination.

Cargo insurance — discussed here — is a sub-branch of marine insurance, though Marine also includes Onshore and Offshore exposed property (container terminals, ports, oil platforms, pipelines); Hull; Marine Casualty; and Marine Liability.

There are generally four types of vessels:

  • Contract Bonds;
  • Tender Bond, Performance Bond, Advance Payment Bond

  • Customs Bonds;
  • CB 3, CB 6, CB 8, CB 11, CB 12 &RCTG (Regional Customs Transit Guarantee)

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Energy, Oil & Gas Insurance

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Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance is insurance which is designed specifically to meet the needs of aviators.

There are a number of different types of available for a variety of aircrafts and pilots. Laws about aviation insurance tend to be less clearly defined than those regarding car insurance, which can make it difficult to choose the right policy and carrier. Pilots who are not familiar with the specifics of the industry may want to consider asking for advice from an insurance broker or an experienced pilot.

Just as with insurance for other types of vehicles, there are a number of levels of coverage in aviation insurance policies, including liability coverage for accidents when the policyholder is at fault, theft and loss coverage, life insurance riders, and insurance for other types of situations, such as loss of cargo.

The more services requested on a policy, the more expensive it will be.

Coverage also varies depending on the type of craft: helicopters, sport planes, commercial airliners, and so forth are all covered differently People who own and operate their own aircraft generally purchase aviation insurance so that they are covered in a wide variety of situations, and so that their aircraft will be replaced if they are damaged, lost, or stolen.

Owners may also cover insurance on aircraft they rent out, lease, or hire pilots to fly, in which case the individual pilot may need to carry additional insurance to be fully covered in the event of an incident.

  • Aviation Hull
  • Aviation Liability
  • Aviation Hull Deductible
  • Political Risks & Terrorism Insurance, War caved

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Miscellaneous Accident Insurance

Money Insurance

This class of insurance provides cover for loss of money whilst:

  1. In transit between the premises, Bank and Post Office by robbery, theft or accident
  2. Held in locked safe/or strong room in the insured premises by burglary or house breaking
This insurance also extends to cover hold-up risks, damage to safe or strong room following theft or attempted theft.
...... Under this insurance, money includes cash, Bank and current notes, Bank and Postal Orders credit card vouchers and open cheques. This policy is issued on declaration basis that is at the end of insurance period actual cash transactions must be declared and the premium adjusted accordingly. Read more

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

The policy covers loss resulting solely and directly from the dishonest of fraudulent acts by the employees of the insured committed with the manifest intent to cause the insured to sustain such loss or to obtain financial gain for themselves wherever committed alone or in collusion with others, including loss of property through such acts by the employees.The policy extention includes:

  1. Including loss of stores, stock and other property
  2. Automatic Addition/Deletions of employees
  3. Including Auditors Fee
  4. Including claim preparation costs
  5. Discovery Period – 18 Months after termination of employment, 18 Months within lapse of the policy Automatic Reinstatement of loss

Burglary Insurance

This Policy covers Loss or Damage to the insured property as a result of theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry into or exit from such building or any attempt.
It includes Office contents of every description, All Assets of the insured including machinery and stocks excluding land and buildings, Goods held in trust/ Commission
Policy Extensions

  1. Including automatic reinstatement of loss
  2. Including reinstatement of value
  3. Watchman warranty
  4. Including average clause
  5. Including Riot, Strike and Civil Commotion
  6. Including goods left in the open

Electronic Equipment / Computer Insurance

The policy provides cover against unforeseen loss or damage to machinery/computers declared, by any accidental cause whilst working, at rest, dismantling or reassembly for maintenance and movement or repairs.
The policy extends to cover
Riot, Strike and Civil Commotion

  1. Including theft cover
  2. Including locked car extension
  3. Reinstatement of value clause
  4. Including malicious damage
  5. New for old for items less than 5 Years of age
  6. Automatic Addition/Deletions
Including Reinstatement of value extension

Public Liability Insurance

Legal Liability to Third Parties in respect of any loss incurred by any person who is not an employee of the Company , as a result of any act committed by the Company or its Employees during the course of the performance of their duties.
The policy extension

  1. Including Car Park Extension
  2. Including Loading and unloading
  3. Including Work way risks
  4. Including disappearance clause
  5. Including defective sanitation clause
  6. Including advertising sign posts
  7. Cross Liability Extension
  8. Including lifts and hoists
  9. Including Executive staff liability
  10. Including Food Poisoning and Deleterious matter extension

Workmen's Compensation Insurance

This class of insurance provides cover for liability at law if an employee in insured’s service shall sustain bodily injury arising out of and in the course of his employment by the insured in the business. A workman is not considered employed until he reaches the place of work and employment ceases immediately the workman leaves the place of work.
When the workers live in the estate or employers rented house or at their own premises and the employer provides free transportation or mileage allowance from the worker’s house to place of work, accident occurring to that transport would generally come under Workmen’s Compensation Act.
This policy is issued on declaration basis that is at the end of insurance period the insured must make declaration of actual earnings earned by employees and the premium adjusted accordingly.

Sporting Gun Insurance

This class of insurance provides cover for loss or damage to the gun and legal liability for bodily injury for any one not being a member of insured’s family or in the insured’s service caused by fire, burglary, house breaking, larceny, theft or accident.

Golfer's insurance

This class of insurance provide cover for:-

  1. Liability to the public as a result of bodily injury to a person and accidental damage to property as a result of playing or practising golf
  2. Bodily injury to the insured caused by accident while playing golf
  3. Loss or damage to property of the insured whilst within the situation
  4. Loss or damage to personal effect whilst within the situation against the risk of fire and theft. Watches, Jewellery, Coins, Medals, Money, Documents, and Stamps are excluded

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This class of insurance provide cover to professionals for damage which may be called upon to pay due to professional negligence or malptactice
Type of policies
Individual policies may be issued to the following professionals:-

  • Accounts and Auditors

    The accountant must know the General Principles of Company Law and the statutory requirement of auditor’s certificate. If he acts as an auditor to some concern whose books by statutory requirement must be audited, he must know the provisions of the statutes so far as they affect his duties. He will be liable for negligence if he makes statement without troubling to substantiate them.

  • Architects and Engineers

    Architects and Engineers must legally be liable for:-

    • Incorrect advice, drawing up of plans and error inspections, designs, tenders or quantities
    • The negligent supervision of structural or other work

  • Auctioneers, Estate Agents, Surveyors and Valuers

    Risk involves survey of property or advice in connection with sale or purchase of property and reasonable care and skill is necessary in the services rendered.

  • Barristers

    A barrister owes a duty to the courts as well as to his client. The barrister is subject to a claim for negligence for advice given or work done negligently before a case goes for trial.

  • Doctors, Dentists and Medical Auxiliaries and Opticians

    Persons in this profession may be subject to a claim on the ground that they failed to use reasonable care even where the advice or treatment made is the best, there is a possibility of speculative claims made by patients who did not recover so satisfactorily or so speedily as they had expected and who imply that there is some other form of treatment provided.

  • Insurance Brokers and Investment Advisers

    Insurance brokers owe a duty to their clients and also to insurers when arranging insurance. They must carry out their client’s instructions and give their proper advice. Any breach of this duty may involve them in legal liability.

  • Pharmacists

    Pharmacists my have to attend a minor ailment on accidents in the absence of a doctor and errors of treatment may result in claims for professional negligence. They may also make errors in giving prescriptions with possible serious consequences.

  • Solicitors

    While solicitors are employed as experts in the law they are subject to human error and the consequences of their mistakes can render them guilty of personal negligence and their employees may also fail to carry out instructions.

  • Stockbrokers

    Stockbrokers can be liable for negligent advise or for their failure to execute their clients instructions.

  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Nurses

    Hospital authorities are responsible for any negligence act for matters of administration, nursing, medical and surgical treatment. Nurses are personally liable for their negligence in carrying out their skilled professional duties unless they plead to be acting under doctor’s advice or instruction etc.

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Personal Accident Insurance

The cover provided under this class or insurance is the accident causing death or bodily injury. This insurance provides the following benefits:-

  • Death benefits
  • Disability benefits, and
  • Medical reimbursement

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Group Personal Accident

This policy covers death or bodily injury to the insured persons caused by accidental violent, external and visible means. The policy can be extended to cover Medical Expenses the following accident. The cover provided is on 24 hour basis both duty and pleasure purpose.

The benefits paid are defined in the policy schedule e.g.

  • On Death – No. of Years @ Estimated annual Earnings of the Employee
  • On Permanent Disablement – No. of Years @ Estimated annual Earnings of the Employee
  • On Temporary Disablement – Actual Weekly Earnings Maximum 104 Weeks
  • On Medical Expenses – The Limit to be decided by the insured
  • Payment on account
  • Worldwide cover
  • 24 hour cover duty and pleasure
  • Double Benefits extension
  • Automatic Addition/Deletion of employees
  • Riot, Strike and Civil Commotion
  • Disappearance extension

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