The National Insurance Corporation of Tanzania (NIC) (T) was incorporated on 16th October 1963 with Government ownership of fifty one per cent (51%) , while forty nine (49%) was shared by Munich-Re, Swiss-Re and Colin Hood Insursnce Brokers Limited. The Coporation was authorized to transact Life and General Insurance business. After the Arusha Declaration in February, 1967, NIC was..... nationalized and became 100% owned by the government and was the only insurance company in the country for about 30 years up to 1996 when insurance industry was liberalized by the Insurance Act No. 18 of 1996 opening entry of private investors in the insurance sector. The legislation was later repealed by the Insurance Act No. 10 of 2009 which brought in regulation of insurance sector through the Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority. ...Read more


To be a distinguished leading provider of quality, profitable, and sustainable insurance services in Tanzania.



To provide demand driven insurance services, through innovative marketing, efficient ICT systems and management of resources.

Core Values

Company Structure

National Insurance Corparation directorates
Independent departments which are headed by Chief Managers
Two independent units which reports directly to the Managing Director

Senior Management Team

Dr Elirehema Doriye (PHD)

- Managing Director -

Mr Hardbert Polepole

- Director Life Insurance and Pension -

Mr Bunny Ntimba

- Director of Non Life -

Mr Lihami Masoli

- Director of Finance and Administration -

Mr Fredrick Maro

- Director of Internal Audit -

Ms Halima Makange

- Director Marketing and Customer Services -

Mr Godbless Uronu

- Director MD’s Office -

Ms Doris Barnabas

- Chief Legal Counsel -

Ms Furaha Mbwambo

- Chief Accountant -

Mr Michael Mwenda

- Chief Manager ICT -

Mr Waziri Matembe


Tumaini Mponda


Regional Team

Janeth Kalinga

- Branch Manager Kisutu -
- Dar es salaam -

Hamis Msami

- Branch Manager Dodoma -

Justine Seni

- Branch Manager Mbeya -

Paul Mkumbo

- Branch Manager Iringa -

John Mghase

- Branch Manager Kigoma -

Daudi Kumenya

- Branch Manager Songea -

Frazina Gwimo

- Branch Manager Morogoro -

Aurelia Joseph

- Branch Manager Musoma -

Tunu Shaaban

- Branch Manager City -
- Dar es salaam -

Veronica Ochaka

- Branch Manager Life House -
- Dar es salaam -

Mr Segeja Mabula

- Branch Manager Ubungo -
- Dar es salaam -

Mr John Mdenye

- Branch Manager Arusha -

Mr Julius Mazagwa

- Branch Manager Mtwara -

Mr Mashengele Mndeme

- Branch Manager Bukoba -

Abdul Kufakunoga

- Branch Manager Tanga -

Tibrus Massawe

- Branch Manager Singida -

Mr Peter Mitaka

- Branch Manager Tabora -

Jumanne Nyamgunda

- Branch Manager Mwanza -

Beatrice Nagunwa

- Branch Manager Lindi -

Neema Mhauka

- Branch Manager Sumbawanga -

Hamisi Iddy

- Branch Manager Shinyanga -

Mr Yusuf Haji

- Branch Manager Zanzibar -

Lugano Stanton

- Branch Manager Kibaha -

Mr Fortune Mkonyi

- Branch Manager Moshi -